Four people told us how they felt post vaccine - Vax Because

Four people told us how they felt post vaccine

Updated: April 26th, 2021

I had 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine. After the first dose I had a sore arm like with many vaccines including the flu shot. After the second dose I had a sore arm and a low grade fever which lasted about 12 hours. I said this isn't bad and I know my body is producing antibodies against the virus. Knowing people who have died or have gotten very ill from this virus this was a small price to pay for my health. So now after having 2 doses of the vaccine I feel liberated. I still wear a mask in crowded situations just to be extra careful. Being able to invite friends and family to my house for dinner and plan a vacation is so wonderful! I wish everyone would get vaccinated so they could feel this safe and liberated. I hope our leaders will help people around the globe to get vaccinated since we are all in this together.


I experienced a couple days of soreness in the muscle and a couple occasions of feeling wobbly and fatigued. Tylenol helped a lot for the pain and simple rest helped the weakness. I'm very satisfied.


I have been vaccinated, I was worried at first, my arm was sore but it was worth it, I feel like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders I'm not as worried about coming home to my family every night. I also feel better about going into work and doing my job.


I got my First Pfizer Vaccination Shot April 10, 2021...Mild Symptoms After... My Second Vaccination Will Be May 1, 2021. I got vaccinated with my Daughter (33 years old). I want To Live - and Live My Life Without Fear...of Getting Coronavirus....!!!! I want to participate in my activities around people in Safety.... Get Vaccinated For Your Family.....and Our WORLD šŸŒŽ....!!!