"I had a COVID vaccine - here's how I felt." Stories from the newly vaccinated - Vax Because

“I had a COVID vaccine – here’s how I felt.” Stories from the newly vaccinated

Updated: April 13th, 2021

I received both Pfizer shots. Arm was a little sore after the first one. More sore and tired after shot 2. Felt normal after 36 hours.

Marcia (pictured), USA,

Only have gotten the first dose of Moderna so far. Arm was VERY sore for several days. I had COVID-19 not too long before being able to get the shot, so some of my symptoms returned for a day or two. This is NOT the normal first-dose response, it's just because I had been sick so recently and still hadn't (and still haven't!!) recovered from some longer-term symptoms. I'd do absolutely ANYTHING to not get COVID again, as even though I'm a healthy, active 22 year old, it completely took me out of commission for weeks. I get my second dose on April 23 and I can't wait!!

Adele, USA,

I received my first shot 2 weeks ago and get my 2nd shot on the 13th! I was so nervous because even though I've had 7 surgeries I still get nervous around needles šŸ˜‚. The nurse was so comforting and told me I wouldn't feel a thing. In fact her scrubbing my shoulder with the alcohol swab hurt more than the shot LoL! I posted my vaccine pic on FB, Insta and Twitter to try to encourage people that it's not just for us to not get COVID (I already had it in Feb) but to prevent others from getting it and help to put an end to this pandemic.

Tim, USA,