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“Why I got a COVID-19 vaccine”

Updated: April 26th, 2021

I work at LAC + USC Medical Center as a nurse and am part of the Covid Vaccine Clinic which has been such an amazing experience. Los Angeles was hit hard with Covid and getting vaccinate our patient population and our staff including Doctors, Nurses, Environmental Services, Cafe workers, Surgeons, and more has been life changing, and full of hope. It’s not just about ourselves, it’s about the greater good for everyone. Vaccines are the reason we don’t see polio or measles or so many other viruses. I believe in science and a God of my own and I feel the two are working together in this!


I want to be with my family. I grieve the time with them that is forever lost. My young grandchildren are growing up without me. Precious moments are being missed. I have to be extra careful to ensure protection for one of my grandchildren who is high risk because of a congenital heart defect. They need and deserve a safer world! Please help by being vaccinated.


I got my vaccine to prepare for when travel is allowed again. One of my best friends is overseas and I miss him terribly. It's time for us to plan for the future!


I'll get the Vax because of my Granddaughter. I want her Life to be Great and Prosperous.